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Available Configuration
Yankaur Suction Tip (GS-5014)
  • Available in 4 difference Sizes: Fine, Mini, Midi, Maxi
  • Without / Without Vacuum Control.
  • Available with 2 holes / with 4 holes / without holes.
Yankaur Suction Tip: Fine
Without Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A1) / with Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A2)
  • Length: 250mm
  • With 2 Holes
Yankaur Suction Tip: Mini
Without Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A3) / with Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A4)
  • Length: 160mm
  • Without Hole
Yankaur Suction Tip: Midi
Without Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A5) / with Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A6)
  • Length: 250mm
  • With 4 Holes
Yankaur Suction Tip: Maxi
Without Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A7) / With Vacuum Control (GS-5014 A8)
  • Length: 250mm
  • With 4 Holes
Available Configuration
No. of Holes
Fine (GS-5014 A1 / GS-5014 A2)
250mm With 2 Holes
Mini (GS-5014 A3 / GS-5014 A4)
160mm Without Hole
Midi (GS-5014 A5 / GS-5014 A6)
250mm With 4 Holes
Maxi (GS-5014 A7 / GS-5014 A8)
250mm With 4 Holes
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
25 250