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Available Configuration
Urometer® 500 (GS-1018-500)
  • Closed urine drainage system with graduated chamber to measure the urine output on hourly basis in ICU & CCU's.
  • 500 ml transparent chamber has four fine measuring sections to measure the accurate & precise volume of the urine.
  • Collection chamber is provided with hydrophobic filter to minimize the risk of urinary tract infection.
  • Single handed operation of the valve for emptying all chambers simultaneously.
  • Bye pass system is provided to prevent the overflow.
  • Two ltr capacity urine collecting bag with clamp & "T" shaped bottom outlet.
  • 120 cm long kink resistant tubing ensures unrestricted flow of urine.
  • Tapered connector with sampling port facilitates easy & aseptic mid stream urine sampling.
  • Flexible fastening strap for easy hanging to bed side.
  • Sterile, individually packed in box.
Available Configuration
Chamber Capacity
Length of Tube
500 ml 120 cm
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 20