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Available Configuration
Trimmer™ (GS-9024)
  • Single edge comb style prep razor intended for pre-operational procedure.
  • Stainless steel blade with platinum edge and TEFLON coating.
  • Steady and firm grip, contoured handle enables smooth and clean shave procedure, without cuts or irritation.
  • Unique comb style facilitates non-clogging of blade due to hair or foam.
  • Meets high standards of safety and hygiene.
  • Unique design helps to conveniently snap the razor from handle by applying pressure to prevent accidental re-use and proper disposal.
  • Cost-effective, only one razor required for the procedure.
  • Elegant and secure pack.
Available Configuration
Product Code
Blade Details
GS-9024 Platinum Edge Blade w/ Teflon Coating
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
50 2,000