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Available Configuration
Romo Vac Set® (GS-5002)
  • Suitable to offer surgeons an effective device for close wound drainage under negative pressure postoperatively with the option to use one or two catheters simultaneously.
  • Redon drain catheters are provided with size colour coded, radio opaque line and satin smooth eyes.
  • Connecting tube is kink resistant and is provided with additional strength to withstand the suction.
  • Available in different sizes with catheter matching size curved needle to meet minor,moderate to heavy drainage needs.
  • Easy to depress chamber to activate the suction of bellow unit, single handedly.
  • Bellow unit, Connecting tube with clamp and "Y" connector, Redon Needle (Curved needle) attached to matching size catheter and Spare catheter.
  • Curved Needle Length 175 cm for all sizes except FG 8 where it is 90 cm and bellow capacity is 50 ml.
Redon Catheter (GS-5004)
  • Spare Catheter for GS-5002.
  • Sterile, individually packed.
  • Sizes of 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 FG
Available Configuration
Sizes in FG.
Colour Code
8 Blue
10 Black
12 White
14 Green
16 Orange
18 Red
Bellow capacity
Master packing
GS-5002 S
800 ml 20
GS-5002 F
500 ml 40
GS-5002 M
400 ml 40
GS-5002 N
50 ml 50
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
Romovac: 1
Redon: 100
Romovac: 40
Redon: 1000