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Available Configuration
Oxy Set® (GS-2016)
  • Oxy-Set is suitable for easy application and efficient administration of oxygen for greater comfort of the patient.
  • The system of attachment provides maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the patient's mouth free for nutritional and communication purposes.
  • Twin prong / nasal tips are designed to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both the air passages.
  • Soft funnel shaped connector facilitates easy connection to the oxygen source.
  • Multichannel tube ensures continuous supply of oxygen, even if the tube is accidentally kinked.
  • Manufactured from soft, light weight non toxic material.
  • Available in sterile and non-sterile options.
  • Sterile packed in peelable soft blister pack.
  • Non-sterile packed in polybag.
Available Configuration
Prong Sizes
Tube Length
Adult 210 cm (7 ft)
Child 210 cm (7 ft)
Infant 210 cm (7 ft)
Neonate 210 cm (7 ft)
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
Sterile: 20
Non-Sterile: 1
Sterile: 200
Non-Sterile: 100