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Available Configuration
Aeromist® (GS-2074)
  • Soft, clear Aerosol Mask with anatomical form is ideal for long term use.
  • Gently rolled, feathered edges with integrated nose bridge for extra comfort.
  • Swivel connector for convenience of nebulization in horizontal and vertical position.
  • Larger surface area provided by unique convex cone design, ensures maximum capillary action and eliminates medicinal wastage.
  • Nebulization rate : 3cc / 10 mins.
  • Set consists of : Aerosol Mask, Nebulizer chamber & 210 cm. (7ft) Multichannel tube.
Aero Neb™ (GS-2086)
  • Soft clear Aerosol mask provided with wide adjustable strap for proper positioning.
  • Rotating type connector.
  • Large surface area provided by unique convex cone design, for maximum capillary action.
  • Jet action aids in faster nebulization & maximum utilization of costly medicine.
  • Nebulization rate : 3cc / 10 mins.
  • Angular connection of nebulizer chamber to nebulize the patient even in supine position, ensuring no wastage of medicine.
  • Kit : Jet type large nebulizer chamber with aerosol mask & 210 cm. (7 ft.) multichannel tube.
Power Drool® (GS-2082)
  • Specially designed for nebulizing the patient orally.
  • Nebulizer chamber.
  • "T" shape connector.
  • One mouth piece.
  • 210 cm. (7 ft.) meter long multi channel tube.
Available Configuration
Sizes Tube
Adult 210 cm (7 ft)
Child 210 cm (7 ft)
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 50