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Available Configuration
Buretta® (SS-3068)
  • Specially designed DEHP free measured volume set with large calibrated burette chamber.
  • Manufactured from PETG material.
  • Easy to read scale with white contrast background.
  • Floating auto shut off valve acts as floating indicator and automatically shuts off the drain path when the chamber gets empty toprevent any air trapping into the fluid line on entering patient's venous system.
  • Micro dropper of 60 drops per ml.
  • Sharp piercing spike provided with built in air inlet containing bacteria barrier filter.
  • Separate plugs for extra medication and change over.
  • Roller type flow controller provides accurate flow control.
  • "Y" injection site for extra medication.
  • No-kink device prevents kinking of tube during transport.
Available Configuration
Drop Rate
150 ml 60 drops/ml
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
10 100