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Available Configuration
Ventilator Circuit (SH-2091, 92, 93, 94)
  • Corrugated, flexible and lightweight tubing made of high quality plastic.
  • Transparent for easy monitoring of water build-up or blockages.
  • Circuits provides a better airflow and are cost effective.
  • Standard connectors for secure fitment with high performance.
  • Sterile, latex free and individually packed.
  • 22 mm cap with 22 mm corrugated tube.
  • 15mm male/ 22mm male and 15mm female angle connector with luer port.
Ventilator Circuit with fixed elbow (SH-2091)
  • 22 mm male / female parallel connector, 22 mm male parallel "Y" connector.
Ventilator Circuit with single water and double water trap (SH-2093 / SH-2094)
  • Offers excellent drainage to maximize moisture collection.
  • Water Trap/s, 22 mm male/ 22 mm female straight connector.
  • 22 mm male parallel "Y"-connector with port, 22 mm male connector.
Ventilator Circuit with HME Filter (SH-2092)
  • Provided with heat moisture exchanger Bacterial / Viral filter with luer port.
  • Enables retention of temp. to prevent continuous heat loss during ventilation.
  • 22 mm male / female parallel connector, 22 mm male parallel Y-connector.
Available Configuration
Cap Size Tube Length
22 mm 22 mm
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 20