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Available Configuration
Steri Guard® (SH-5096)
  • Manufactured from HYDRASPUN Fabric to provide the matched softness and comfort.
  • Ultra water repellent and resistant to oil and grease.
  • Excellent abrasion and splash resistant, for extra protection.
  • Best barrier against blood and fluid penetration, making it suitable for all critical procedures.
  • Excellent porosity provides breathability to the skin.
  • Soft elastic cuff offers maximum dexterity.
  • Side tie ropes facilitate complete body wrap.
Dispo Guard™ (SH-5098)
  • Effective barrier against blood and fluid.
  • Combination of abrasion and splash resistence with good porosity for surgical procedures.
Available Configuration
Product Code Sizes
SH-5096, SH-5098 Large, Medium & Small
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
10 20