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Available Configuration
Spikier™ II (GS-3046V)
  • Vented Spike with Swabable Needle Free Adaptor
  • Consists of a broad, sharp piercing plastic spike with an air vent port containing a micro hydrophobic filter. This is further attached to a needle free connector containing a swabable surface that can be swabbed with a disinfectant swab after each use.
  • Needle free connector is compatible to a luer lock male fitting of an extension line or a 3-way stop cock or a luer lock syringe as per case for medical application.
  • It's attached to an I.V. Fluid Infusion bottle or to an infusion container. Useful for dispensing of I.V. Fluids by direct attachment to the infusion line. It can also be used for repetitive sampling of the intravenous fluid without risk of any cross-contamination by swabbing the needle free connector’s surface each time after use safely.
  • Sterile, Individually packed.
Available Configuration
Product Code Package Details
GS-3046V Individually packed in blister pack
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
50 500