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Romo Check Plus (GS-9008)
Diabetes is a common disease, yet every individual needs unique care. Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is an important component of diabetes treatment. But high costs put the benefits of frequent monitoring out of reach for many diabetics.
ROMO CHECK PLUS, blood glucose meter aims to provide high quality glucose monitoring at a price that allows you to test as often as necessary. The system will give you accurate results in just a few simple steps. It also allows alternative site testing for forearm and palm in addition to fingertip testing.
  • Automatic calibration with code chip.
  • Requires only a 1µL sample to get results in 10 seconds.
  • Capillary action strips allow a quick and simple application of blood.
  • Easy one button operation.
  • It is reliable and user friendly.
  • Meter memory stores 100 test results.
  • Measurement range : 20 - 600 mg/dL, HCT Range : 30 - 55 %.
  • Auto shut off : 2 minutes after last action.
  • Battery life : 1000 tests.
Available Configuration
Measurement range HCT Range
20 - 600 mg/dL 30 – 55 %
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 24