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Available Configuration
Romo ADK® (GS-5036)
  • Specially designed kit for post-operative abdominal drainage.
  • Consists of super smooth drainage catheter alongwith a collection bag.
  • Made from non-toxic and non-irritant medical grade PVC.
  • Provided with specialised foldable handle which holds the tube upright, prevents accidental kinking during handling and suitable for bedside hanging.
  • Soft and smooth catheter with large atraumatic eyes for efficient drainage.
  • Radio-opaque line throughout catheter length help x-ray visualization.
  • Catheter is colour coded for instant size identification.
  • Sterile, individually packed in a peelable pouch.
  • Soft drainage catheter 50 cm long.
  • Collection bag of 2000 ml capacity.
Available Configuration
Catheter Size Bag Capacity
16 FG 2000 ml
20 FG 2000 ml
24 FG 2000 ml
28 FG 2000 ml
32 FG 2000 ml
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
10 100