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Available Configuration
Romotrol® (SS-3080)
  • Flow regulator with extension set for precise flow control.
  • Ensures safe application in demanding critical care settings.
  • Reliable flow rate accuracy across the full adjustable scale.
  • Ergonomic dial design with ridges for easy grip and adjustment.
  • Precise flow rate control of IV fluids with range of 5ml/hr to 250 ml/hr.
  • Double scale for 10% and 40% solution strengths.
  • DEHP Free soft and kink resistant PVC tubing.
  • Male luer connector at one end and female luer connector at other end.
  • Provided with a latex free"Y" type injection port made up of silicone for intermittent medication.
  • Can be used with all standard I.V sets using luer lock connections.
  • Sterile and individually blister packed.
  • Extension for flow control
  • Ergonomic dial design
  • Compatible with standard sets
  • Siliconised Y-port
Available Configuration
O.D / I.D Length
4.10 / 3.00mm 600 mm
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
10 100