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Relief Hot/Cold Pack (GS-9004)
RELIEF HOT/COLD PACK is a dual comfort pain management pack which can be used on any part of the body for both hot and cold therapy to help reduce post-operative swelling, bruising, discomfort from liposuction, tummy tuck, upper or lower body procedure, as well as for therapy following any general injury or muscle strain.
This pack is an excellent choice for sufferers of chronic pain from injuries, illness, arthritis and especially post knee replacement. Hot/Cold Gel packs are good replacement to hot water bags and ice bags, conventionally used due to its dual property.
  • It is re-usable.
  • It can be kept in freezer for cold therapy.
  • It can be microwaved or kept in boiling water to provide heat therapy.
  • The non-toxic filling is safe and holds temperatures for longer duration.
  • Durable, burst and puncture resistance.
  • Individually packed in convenient plastic box for safety.
  • Available in two sizes : Large : 15 x 30cm (6” x 12”) & Medium : 10 x 25 cm (4” x 10”).
Available Configuration
Size Dimensions
Large 15 x 30 cm (6” x 12”)
Medium 10 x 25 cm (4” x 10”)
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 20