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Relief Eye Care Pack
RELIEF EYE CARE PACK is suitable to be used on the eyes for both cold and hot therapy.
The immediate application of cold therapy is beneficial for reducing post-operative swelling by constricting the capillary vessels and slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured or operated area. Patients also benefit from cold therapy's anesthetic effect on the nerves, which helps reduce the sensation of pain and provides a soothing, refreshing, and relaxing feeling to the injured or operated area.
Hot therapy is beneficial in reducing post-operative bruising by helping break down bruising discolorations. It can also help increase comfort and relaxation for sore, achy skin and muscle tissues that have been operated on.
  • It is re-usable.
  • It can be kept in freezer for cold therapy.
  • It can be microwaved or kept in boiling water to provide heat therapy.
  • Unique non-freezable, non-toxic gel remains pliable even at low temperatures.
  • The scientific, anatomical designs of the compress keep the gel distributed over the treatment area for better therapy.
  • Individually packed in convenient plastic box for safety.
Available Configuration
Type of Therapy Instructions before Usage
Cold Therapy Kept in freezer
Heat Therapy Microwaved or Kept in Boiling Water
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 20