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Available Configuration
Microguard® (SS-3067)
  • Especially designed vented infusion set for oncology (chemotherapy), critical care, neonates and pediatrics.
  • Made from DEHP free material for prevention from phthalate related hazards.
  • Integrated 0.2 filter ensures filtration of microbes and acts as a safeguard for prevention of air embolism hazard as it can remove any entrapped air.
  • Needle-free "Y" type injection port made up of silicone prevents needle stick injury and accidental tube puncturing, thus maintaining a closed system.
  • Provided with luer lock connector for stable and secure connection to all standard devices.
  • Compatible with mostly used infusion pumps.
  • Sterile and individually blister packed in box.
  • Specialized chemotherapy set
  • DEHP free material
  • Integrated 0.2μ filter
  • Needle-free "Y" port
Available Configuration
Tube Length Drop Rate
150 cm 60 drops/ml
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
10 100