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Majesty™ (GS-8420)
Night time incontinence affects at least 2 percent of adults, especially aged people. It can occur for many different reasons such as a urological disorder, a family history of incontinence, not making enough of a certain hormone that tells the kidneys to decrease the amount of urine produced at night or having a bladder with a reduced capacity.
Made from premium quality, MAJESTY adult diaper is an excellent answer to day and night time incontinence. Its super-absorbent core makes it ideal for overnight use or heavy bladder and bowel leakage. It makes the user more comfortable, provides a sense of security, protects delicate skin, keeps bedding dry and keeps one from waking up.
  • Combination of absorbent core, tissue and ADL sheet ensures maximum absorbency.
  • Highly absorbent core provides excellent urine retention.
  • Advanced technology converts fluid to gel and prevents seapage.
  • Designed with leg wraps to provide a snug fit.
  • Wetness indicator on the outside gives a signal to change the diaper.
  • Refastenable side tapes for proper positioning and a comfortable fit.
  • Available Sizes : Medium, Large and Extra Large.
  • Available in Pack of 10.
Available Configuration
Product Code Sizes
GS-8420 Medium, Large & Extra Large
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
Polybag-1 Pack 20