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Available Configuration
Kwic Fusor™ (GS-6021)
  • Heavy duty pressure cuff specially designed for quick infusion/ fluid container setup and replacement.
  • Robust pressure cuff facilitates fast fluid transfer suitable to patient's indication and paramedics' satisfaction.
  • Clear material enhances visibility of the fluid transfer/flow.
  • Suitable for pressure up to 400mm of Hg.
  • Instant venting through the 3-way stop cock enables quick deflation of the pressure cuff.
  • Clear, precise pressure gauge facilitates rapid and reliable pressure control.
  • Easy to use, hook-and-loop fastener enables easy replacement of Infusion bag without removal of pressure cuff from drip stand.
  • Squeeze bulb provided is supple and easy to operate for fast inflation.
  • Sterile and individually packed.
Available Configuration
Capacity Pressure upto
1000 ml 400 mm of Hg
500 ml 400 mm of Hg
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
1 20