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Available Configuration
H.M.E Filter (SH-2095)
  • H.M.E's are passive humidification systems that retain heat and moisture from the patient's exhaled gas.
  • Provides effective protection against various types of particles including bacteria, viruses, and moisture droplets.
  • Precisely engineered and easy to use device made up of high strength plastic material offering reliable performance.
  • Provided with high efficiency electrostatic filters to address concerns associated with ventilated patients.
  • The filters help protect the patient, the equipment, and the breathing circuit from contamination.
  • Enhances particle capture efficiency and give a low and stable breathing resistance even when wet.
  • A conveniently located port or connection permits gas sampling at the top of the housing,
  • H.M.E.F's are designed according to "ISO" standards to help facilitate connection to different ventilators and anesthesia systems.
  • Sterile, single use device, individually packed.
Available Configuration
Size Moisture
Adult 33.5 mgH2O/ L
Pediatric 32.3 mgH2O/ L
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
10 100