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Available Configuration
Foley Trac™ (GS-1026)
  • Silicone elastomer coated Soft feel Foley Balloon Catheter.
  • Efficient, hard plastic, non return valve facilitates quick and hassel-free inflation and deflation.
  • Sturdy and properly coned soft closed tip enables easy penetration.
  • Large, laterally placed drainage eyelets enable efficient, trouble-free drainage.
  • Highly elastic drainage funnel, grips the tapered connector of the urine bag & prevents any accidental disconnection.
  • Non return valve has the standard size color coded sleeve for instant recognition of size.
  • Sterile, individually packed in box.
Available Configuration
Size in FG Color Code
FG-12 White
FG-14 Green
FG-16 Orange
FG-18 Red
FG-20 Yellow
FG-22 Violet
FG-24 Blue
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
50 500