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Available Configuration
Flip Tap™ Catheter Mount® (SH-2404)
  • Specialised catheter mount with double ports for specific application.
  • Corrugated tube made up of medical grade PE offers durability, flexibility and strength.
  • Double flip tap cap with seal having provision for both bronchoscopes as well as for suctioning.
  • Opening the first tab on the cap allows for the introduction of a bronchoscope whilst maintaining airway pressure and opening the second tab allows for suctioning if required.
  • Double swivel elbow with 15 mm I.D. / 22 mm O.D. connector fits all standard tracheal tubes.
  • 22 mm standard female connector is compatible with all breathing and ventilator circuits.
  • Sterile and individually packed.
  • Double port system
  • Silicone port for bronchoscope
  • Separate port for suctioning
  • Standard connectors
Available Configuration
Port Type Diameter
Silicone Port 3.40 mm
Suction Port 9.40 mm
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
20 200