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Available Configuration
Exteena Family: Needle Free Devices (GS-3018 / GS-3048)
  • DEHP Free needleless connectors offer a safe way to access I.V lines without the use of a needle.
  • Prevents thrombotic occlusion and inhibits microbial colonization.
  • Secure fitment to I.V cannula, I.V set, extension lines and CVC.
  • Closed system controls infection.
  • Swabbable port prevents infection and allows safe access.
  • Clear PC body, Latex free.
  • Low reverse pressure facilitates easy connection.
  • Compatible with MRI.
Safsite® (GS-3018)
  • Needle free I.V Connector with split septum technology.
  • Luer lock for secure fitment on one end & needle free port on the other.
  • Sterile blister pack.
  • Low prime volume: 0.08 ml.
Exteena® Duo (GS-3048 D)
  • Needle free I.V connector with dual extension for running two lines simultaneously with rotating luer slip lock and two clamps.
  • Sterile blister pack.
  • Low prime volume: 0.60 ml.
Exteena® Uno (GS-3048 U)
  • Needle free I.V connector line at one end and rotating luer lock at the other end.
  • Single extension line.
  • Sterile blister pack.
  • Low prime volume: 0.30 ml.
Exteena® Trio (GS-3048 T)
  • Needle free connector with tri extension line provided with rotating luer lock and three clamps.
  • Luer fitments as per ISO standards.
  • Sterile blister pack.
  • Low prime volume: 0.90 ml.
Available Configuration
O.D / I.D Length
2.40 / 1.40 mm 13 cm
Box Quantity Master Box Quantity
50 500