Our History

Post 2010
Romsons Manufacturing Unit / Factory

Our Birth

One of free India's most critical revolutions took place in 1952 in the field of healthcare - Medical Devices. A small company worth Rs. 10,000 was incorporated under the name "Romsons Scientific and Surgical Industries" as a partnership firm by Late Shri. Ram Lal Khanna and his two sons in Amritsar. The company manufactured Scientific and Laboratory Equipment like Laboratory wares, re-usable Surgical Devices & Sets.


During 1960s

1962 : We shifted our base to Agra (UP) as the need was felt to relocate business works to a centrally located place in the country to attain better distribution.
1967 : Simultaneously, we started manufacturing disposable medical devices. It was in this year that we made our first ever disposable medical device - A non-sterile Nelaton Catheter (Uretheral Catheter).
At this juncture we achieved sporadic growth. The directors took decision to expand and set up new units one by one with specific range of products comprising of different techniques in manufacturing. This crucial step helped us to widen our product range and cater to the unmet market demand. Unit - Raj Vijay Corporation was incorporated in this year.


During 1970s

1971 : Another unit, Romsons Junior India was incorporated, which manufactures a range of Infusion Devices.
1974 : In this year we saw a breakthrough with the introduction of the first sterilization plant for medical devices set up at BARC, Mumbai. This turned out to be a boon for the entire healthcare sector in India.
1977 : Romsons Scientific & Surgical Industries, the partnership firm was converted into a private limited company. At this time the directors decided to withdraw from the laboratory equipment business to achieve better focus and growth in the medical devices sector.


During the 80's

1984 : We became the very first medical device company in India to set up an in-house sterilization plant. This year, the unit Romsons Medicons was also incorporated.


In the 90's

1990 : The Directors of Romsons group were invited by CBI, Netherlands to participate in an event, display our products and learn about exports to the European market. This was again a big breakthrough for us and gradually led to formation of our 100% export oriented unit in 1994.
1994 : Our 100% Export oriented Unit - Romsons International was incorporate in Agra.
1998 : We launched In-house tool room for repair & maintenance of moulds, and an R&D department for product development & design.
1999 : We became ISO 9002:1994 certified (Certificate Date: 28/04/1999) and got acknowledged with CE mark certification which is an essential requirement for exporting to European countries. We purchased and installed our very first fully automatic assembly machine to enhance our productivity and quality of our products.


During the 2000's

2003 : We became ISO 9001:2000 Certified.
2006 : We purchased and installed our first CNC milling machine for mould development.
2007 : We became ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 13485:2003 Certified.
2008 : We implemented the SAP ERP system for better management and implementing best business practices by making quick efficient business decisions.
2009 : Another production unit, Romsons International Unit II (Noida - SEZ) was incorporated. This was another major milestone as it was the first time ever we opened a production unit outside Agra.

Post 2010

Post 2010

2013 : Romsons International completely shifted to the SEZ Noida, for manufacturing and export of Romsons Products to the Global Market.
2014 : Another unit RGI Meditech was incorporate for manufacturing of Disposable Adult Diapers and Other healthcare consumer goods in Noida.

About Romsons

Today, with a progressive experience of 60 years, Romsons has expanded quite well and claims assurance in quality of it's products. It is an INR 4.50 billion, professionally-managed enterprise with presence in 65 countries. A product portfolio with a strength of around 100 products. The company has a retail footprint across the globe - with 810+ distributor network in India and abroad.

The Company

With the head office in Agra, and marketing & sales office in Delhi, Romsons presently has the following companies under its group:

  • Romsons Group of Industries
  • Romsons Scientific & Surgical Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Romsons International, Noida, India
  • Romsons Juniors India, Agra, India
  • Romsons Medicons, Agra, India
  • Raj Vijay Corporation, Agra, India
  • Rennex Medical
  • RGI Meditech Pvt. Ltd.


Romsons products are being exported to developed and emerging markets in over 65 countries. We also regularly participate in Global Trade Fairs, that predominantly focus on Medical Devices, like Medica, Hospimedica, Arab Health, FIME amongst others.


ROMSONS had been serving the medical fraternity and patient population since 1952 and we have emerged as the most preferred brand among the surgeons, anesthesiologists and many other specialists since its inception till date. We could achieve such a good acceptance of our products because of our vast network and dedicated Sales & Marketing Team.


ROMSONS has its own offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur & Agra and apart from these we have warehouses cum offices at all State Capitals which acts as our supply points to various districts of each State. Further to these warehouses cum dispatch points we have a strong network of Authorized distributors covering almost all districts of INDIA. In total, ROMSONS has more than 800 authorized distributors across INDIA.


ROMSONS has a well structured Sales & Marketing Team which works under the able leadership of Director, Marketing. The team comprises of Marketing Manager, Sales Managers, Product Managers, Regional Sales Managers (RSM), Zonal Managers (ZM), District Managers, Area Managers, Senior Sales Offices and Sales Offices. Each State is headed by ZM/RSM and each zone is headed by a Sales Manager.
The dedicated effort of the Sales Team is to always remain in touch with key opinion leaders of Medical Fraternity. We always welcome the feedback and suggestion from our customers which helps us to consistently improve the quality and utility of our Product line.
Together with our distribution system and Sales & Marketing Team we are working on world's best ERP System: SAP ERP. We have always tried to leave no stone unturned to fulfil the requirements of Booming Healthcare Industry and it is our constant endeavor to provide quality services at par with International Standards to our valuable customers in each part of the country whether it is North, South, East or West through our highly professional Sales and Distribution Network.


Romsons got awarded from Chamber of Commerce in India for outstanding export performance and also has special recognition instituted by MSME, Government of India.